Sunday, March 15, 2015

Company Mini-Olympics Event Organizing For Team-Building

The Traditional Filipino Games are back in the mainstream of society, and private corporations have been using it as a team-building company sportsfest.

Filipino companies have made Larong Pinoy a Mini-Olympics Sport Fest, energizing employees with games that they use to play in their childhood years. It's a great way to build camaraderie.

Over a thousand companies Filipino corporations have organized a Pinoy Mini-Olympics sports fests, and re-discovered the fun of the Larong Pinoy games. 

Human Resource Managers have testified that a Larong Pinoy Sports Fest is truly a one-of-kind event-activity that leaves lasting impression among employees. It bonds employees like real “magkababata” (i.e., childhood friends). 

Playing the Traditional Filipino Street Games has become an alternative to implementing the usual Western sports activities.  The Filipino Games is an activity where both young and old employees can play and enjoy, (unlike other sports where only the younger generation can play).

For many years, many companies have been organizing popular sports like basketball or volleyball; and usually, only younger employees get to play in the tournaments. 

In Larong Pinoy games, everybody --- young and old --- are able to participate in the games.  Even employees who did not play enjoy the event, cheering and supporting their teams in every game.  The fun is unforgettable.  And best of all, employees who do not know each other become familiar with everyone.

Magna Kultura Foundation is the organizer of the Larong Pinoy company sportsfests. The organization is the national advocate of the Traditional Filipino Street Games.  

In the Y-2008, HRDs of Filipino companies started calling on Magna Kultura to organize team-building activities using Larong Pinoy games as platform for bonding employees.  

Magna Kultura organized the company sports fests, hassle-free for the HRDs: from planning to implementation, with tournament systems & procedures, game manuals with playing rules for each and every Filipino game; and running the games with referees and game marshals. The company’s organizing committee just sat back and relaxed; playing with the rest of their fellow-employees. 

Magna Kultura continues to conduct Palarong Pinoy sports fests for companies, on top of their on-going sports outreach programs in schools and barangays.  Magna Kultura works with HRDs and sports committees to conduct “proudly Pinoy” games that transforms the Filipino work-force into Communi-Teams.  

ORGANIZE A FILIPINO SPORTS FEST FOR YOUR COMPANY. Contact Magna Kultura Foundation.  Inform Magna Kultura about your sports fest plan: 
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Organizing Larong Pinoy Sports Fest for Private companies is a cultural entrepreneurship approach of Magna Kultura to revive the games among Filipino adults; to build camaraderie the Filipino way (kababata); at the same, for adult-parents to teach the games among their children. 

This is Magna Kultura Foundation's advocacy to
revive the Games of Our Heritage ("Laro ng Lahi") 
back in the mainstream of Philippine society.



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